ChloroformCoulier- Ethnic (live) (intro)

Davey O.- No Money Down

Sons of A.M.- Rest Easy

Funktional Flow- Leaving Town

Host Echo- Spent All My Money

The Moves- European

Low Road Revival- Perfect Scars

STEMM- Monster

Salt Peter- Funky Magazine

Aria- Hangman

Lemuria- Expert Herder

MGMT- Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters

Machines of Love and War- Apparition



Episode 4


Ould Pound- Medieval Hex (intro)
Steel Keys & Brass- Sunset Blue
The Lower Town Trio- Mr. Hate
Im From The Govt & Im Here to Help- Reap The Whirlwind Sheriff Brady
Necktie Tourniquet- Soulless Perception
Alison Pipitone Band- Grace
Blameshift- Ghost
Fur Terminal- Pretty Metal Pubes
White Bison- A Smile and a Handshake
Ten Cent Howl- Bourbon Sea
Aqueous- Strange Times
The Black Abstract- Work Hard 2013
Johnny Nobody- Dear God I Believe


Episode 3


Digital Afterlife- Destruction, Hide (intro)
Grace Stumberg Band- Flaunt This
Dinosaur Mace- On The Rails of Righteousness
Chester Copperpot- Advice
Natural Ingredients- Cool (Like Liquor)
Birds In Mines- Halfzilla
Post-Modern Myth- Beautiful Pollution
Dirty Smile- Damn Me To Hell
Aspired Infliction- As They Rise
Seven Faces- Bleach
SoL- Requote
Nick Lucido- Plan B
The Goddamn Gallows- Pass Me The Bottle


Episode 2


Family FUNKtion SitarJams- A#1 (intro)
The Tins- Vicki
CrashFuse- Just a Little
B-Side Basterds- Rude Basterds
The Anti-Bodies- Earth vs Mars
Andrew J Reimers CPX- Gone All Along
Ashton Hollow- By The Way
100 Proof Justice- Freedom Isn’t Free
George Jones- He Stopped Lo
Well Worn Boot- Ballad of Billy Klubb
The Bella Donna- Queen City
DoDriver- Read It Wrong
Son of The Sun- How Can It Be?
Nelson Starr- Deplaning