ChloroformCoulier- Ethnic (live) (intro)

Davey O.- No Money Down

Sons of A.M.- Rest Easy

Funktional Flow- Leaving Town

Host Echo- Spent All My Money

The Moves- European

Low Road Revival- Perfect Scars

STEMM- Monster

Salt Peter- Funky Magazine

Aria- Hangman

Lemuria- Expert Herder

MGMT- Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters

Machines of Love and War- Apparition


Welcome to Candyland Countdown




Welcome to the homepage of our weekly podcast.  Our podcast will focus on the latest in original music from artists in the Western New York area and beyond.  We will preview songs from all genres and also keep you informed on regional acts coming into the WNY area as well.  So much great music being turned out in this area, and we will be at the forefront of what is popping off in the 716!  Follow us on facebook at